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Dog Containment Systems

Retrovox Electronic Dog Fences supplies quality backyard containment systems for dogs and cats.

Keeping your pet safe within the boundaries of your property is not always easy and if you’ve got a restless family dog that loves nothing more than escaping from your property, you know how frustrating it can be to keep them within the confines of your yard. With a safe Pet electronic dog fence from Retrovox escapee pets can be a thing of the past!

What’s more our fences are entirely safe for children and other animals that may come in contact with them – it’s the collar the dog or cat wears which transmits a signal and it’s only to the pet electronic dog fence boundary containment systems from Retrovox Electronic Dog Fences.

When you install an electric fence for dogs or cats around your yard, gardens and the like when wearing the boundary collar your pet will remain safe and secure on your property and should not cause damage to the gardens.

Electronic dog fencing is humane and safe yet effective in correcting misbehaviors such as trying to escape, dig in the garden and tearing clothes off the clothesline.

This is the ideal pet containment system to stop your dog from getting into your garden or getting out of the yard altogether. Depending on the model you choose an electronic dog fence will firstly send a signal to the dog that he or she is close to the boundary. If they continue toward the boundary or step over the boundary line they will receive a startling but not dangerous static pulse via a receiver attached to the collar.

Our electric dog fences are the best in Australia and are specifically designed to improve the safety and behavior of your pooch in a humane way. Browse the range of electric fencing for dogs and cats available from Pet Control Australia and if you need further advice and assistance with your choice please Call (03) 9870 7523 or buy online today!