Smart Hacks for Sliding Door Servicing

Sliding doors are a staple in modern-day interior design. Not only do they help save space but also allow lots of natural light into a home. Since they’re an integral part of a home’s design, it’s crucial to ensure they’re working correctly. Here are some servicing tips to help you:

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  1. Realigning the Doors

Many sliding doors often get knocked off-kilter due to wear or rust. They may fail to open or close smoothly due to the friction between the rollerblades and the truck. If they remain stuck, they may cause misalignment or a bent track. You don’t want a misaligned sliding door on your balcony. 

The solution is to realign them. Start by removing the door from the track and re-insert it in the tracks at the top and bottom of the frame for realignment. Be sure to align the rollers first before inserting the bottom of the door in place while pushing the screen door’s top into the track. You may also need to adjust the screws at the top slightly to allow movement. Once the door is fitted in place, re-adjust the screws.

  1. Replace a Broken Seal

Sometimes the weatherstripping may get worn out, leaving you exposed to weather elements. To fix the problem, loosen the staples using a screwdriver and remove them from the door. You also need to remove additional staples and glue residue to create space for new weatherstripping.

When installing new weatherstripping, follow the manufacturer’s directions and ensure the flap is oriented correctly. You can use screws to secure the flange along the door edges.

  1. Adjust the Rollers

Low quality or worn-out roller blades lead to operational problems. If they’re chipped or broken, they won’t glide on the track as they should, and if left unattended, they can damage the track too.

It would help if you replaced them with high-quality ones. However, if the main problem is that they’re not on track, you need to re-adjust them. Adjust the bottom screws that hold the rollers, turning them in a clockwise direction to raise the door and anti-clockwise to lower the door. Be sure to adjust both sides of the door for a uniform adjustment.

  1. Clean the Tracks

Sliding doors collect dirt, dust, and mud in the tracks and grooves with regular use. The collected debris increases friction between the rollerblades and the track leading to operational failure.

As such routine cleaning of the tracks ensures a smooth operation of the sliding doors. Wipe the top tracks using alcohol and spray silicone and vacuum the loose debris at the bottom of the track. 

You should also apply a lubricant if the top track is clogged and doesn’t function properly. Silicone lubricants are the best in this case because they don’t attract much dirt. For the bottom track, experts recommend applying paraffin wax. It holds up to the wear and tear at the bottom better than silicone lubricants.

  1. Replace a Faulty Locking System

Sliding doors come equipped with a locking system. However, if the door comes off the track, is misaligned, or collapses, it can lead to a locking system’s fault. As a result, the latches fail, compromising your security.

In this case, you may need to replace the entire locking system. Start by removing the lock and carrying it to the hardware store to ensure you buy a compatible version. Then follow the manufacturer’s directions to install the new lock. While at it, test it for handiness by turning the lever, trying the key, and checking to see if all the pieces are working. 

  1. Replacing Shattered Glass

Kids can get playful and shatter the glass on sliding doors. The only solution is to replace it. Unless you’re a DIY pro, it’s best to engage an expert for this project. However, if you’re confident enough, here are some tips to guide you when replacing the glass on a sliding door:

  • Remove the trimming around the glass and any other glass remaining along the tracks
  • Then place the new piece into the opening and apply caulk
  • Replace the trim with a new one and secure it with tacks
  • Then clean excess caulk and the glass

These hacks should help you fix any sliding door malfunctions but if the conditions recurs, it’s best to seek professional help. 

At All Sliding Door Repairs, they have over 12 years of industry experience and are able to cater to the Brisbane and Gold Coast community. Some sliding door mechanisms can be incredibly complicated and need more than a quick DIY fix, that’s why it’s best to give a team like them a call to make sure your sliding doors are looked after with the best of care.

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