Petsafe Standard Radio Fence – Our Best Seller

Warranty: 1 year
Price: $315.00

RF 102 Standard Radio Fence – Same day shipment across Australia

Very easy and quick to install – you just run the wire of this radio fence around the boundary or where ever you want to create a “no go zone” – gardens, the chook house, children’s sandpits, etc.

A DVD and instruction manual are supplied. You can either bury the wire or attach it to an existing dog fence – wire ties are supplied with the kit. Then just insert the 2 ends of the boundary wire into the transmitter.

How the Radio Dog Fence works

The Transmitter plugs into a standard power outlet and emits a radio signal that travels along the boundary wire

The dog wears a collar with a lightweight receiver attached to it.

The receiver picks up the radio signal and alerts him as he nears the boundary wire

The dog hears a warning beep beep and if your dog does not return, he receives a static correction which is startling but not harmful.

Pet Training

By spending just 5 – 7 minutes per training session working with your pet, he can be fully trained in a 7 – 10 days.

Additional receivers are available if you have more than one dog.

If you live in an area that is highly prone to lightning or surges, you may want to consider our Lightning Protection Module on your radio fences.