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Worried About Your Dog While You’re at Work?
We Have The Solution

Do you go to work worried about what your pet dog will get up to while you are away? Are you afraid your pooch will wander off and never return or get run over as he chases a cat down a busy road? Well, worry no more. There is an electric dog fence that will give your pet the freedom to roam your backyard and at the same time keep it safe from any of the incidences described. The PetSafe PRF-275-19 Stubborn Dog Radio Fence will help train your dog to keep within the limits of your yard without harming it.

Ensure Your Dog’s Protection

The fence comes as a set complete with a collar containing a receiver that communicates with a signal transmitter that runs along the entire perimeter of the electric dog fence. When your dog begins to stray too close to the boundary, a warning beep is produced to warn him and if he doesn’t turn away, a small static charge is released to startle him. Keep your dog safe by ordering the PetSafe PRF-275-19 Stubborn Dog Radio Fence from Pet Control Australia today.