How Does An Electronic Dog Fence Work?

Since 1991, the friendly staff at Pet Control have been answering that question for Australian residents. If you’re thinking about installing a wireless dog fence in your yard, it’s important to understand the way in which it works.

Basically, after running the provided wire around the area in which you want to make a boundary, you must plug both ends into the transmitter. This creates a closed circuit for the radio signal to travel on around the barrier.

A lightweight receiver is attached to your dog’s collar, which picks up on this radio signal when your dog is nearing the boundary line. That way, your dog is warned when he is nearing the no go zone through a noise emitted from his receiver.

If your pooch ignores these signals and continues towards your electronic dog fence, he will receive a static correction, which startles him without causing him harm. This is enough to send him back into the area you wish for him to stay in.

Training your dog with an electronic dog fence

Training your dog to understand the newly installed electronic dog fence is key to its success. This is something that can usually easily be achieved within 7-10 days, with only short 5-7 minute training daily exercises required.

When you talk to the expert team at Pet Control on 1300 720 720, we’ll be able to answer any more questions about training your dog, or electronic fences in general. So if you want an effective way to protect your pet that is easy to set up and aesthetically pleasing, browse Retrovox Electronic Dog Fences’s great range today!