Dog Proof – Attractive Fencing Options

Your backyard is put to best use as a place for your dog to get his daily dose of exercise and sunshine. The backyard is also one place where your dog is more likely to get access to the outside, especially if the fence is not high enough or the backyard gate is left open. Fortunately, with the right fencing options, you can keep your dog secure so that you can make maximum use of your outdoor space. Read on to know which of these options are the ideal backyard solutions for you and your pets.

Dog Proof Your Yard With These Attractive Fencing Options

Commercial Coyote Rollers

You can buy commercial rollers from any hardware store or fencing company. These rollers work the same way as your DIY rollers with the added advantage of internal grade materials and better durability. These rollers are also useful for preventing foxes from entering your yard, adding another security layer for that outdoor space.

DIY rollers

DIY rollers are a cheaper alternative and something you can make if you have leftover PVC pipes around the house. Insert a smaller pipe inside a larger pipe and install your DIY roller on top of the fence by running the pipes through a metal cable that runs the length of the fence. The pipes should be able to roll freely but should be installed so that your dog won’t be able to slip between the pipes and the fence.

Plastic slats

Some dogs get excited by sights and sound coming from the outside, which is often why they attempt to get out. Limit the stimuli available to your pet by reducing visibility to the outside. While you can do this with a solid fence, you can modify an existing fence by running plastic slats through the beams to limit visibility. Plastic slats are flexible and cheap and can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Bamboo hedge, vines, and shrubs

If you don’t like plastic’s look on your fence, you can introduce a more organic and natural option with bamboo hedges. Tall bamboo or any tall shrub on planters can be used to obstruct the view of the outside. Place them against the fence to create one more layer of obstruction between your dog and the fence. This is often enough to deter your dog from attempting that climb. You can also plant vines on the fence. However, these vines will take time to grow and, when big enough, may also serve as footholds for any pets that try to climb up the fence. You can remedy this by using shrubs on planters and placing the planters a few inches away from the fence. Not only is this an effective way to prevent your dogs from jumping over the fence, but natural containment systems will also seamlessly blend in with the landscaping.

Concrete footers

Designed for dogs who like to dig to get out, you can pour concrete along the bottom of your fence. Bury the bottom of the fence in the concrete for more robust and stable support. For something less expensive and easier to install, you can fashion chicken wire into a long horizontal barrier and bury this under the fence. Secure to the ground using ground anchors so they won’t easily be dislodged.


This is ideal if you have dogs who like to dash out the gate when someone is coming in or going out through the gate. An airlock is an extra layer of space around your existing fence with its gate. You enter the first gate, close it, and enter the inner gate the opens out into your backyard. If your dog happens to dash out of the inner gate, he or she ends up in the airlock with nowhere else to go but back in. This is an effective way to keep big dogs in check, especially when paired with effective fencing for the rest of the yard.

The right type of fencing and steel gates is essential for your pets’ safety and your peace of mind. According to Australian gate manufacture, Shield Guard it’s best to purchase quality security fencing rather than cheap in price. Check out these options to see which is the best choice for you, depending on the kind of yard you have and the pets you keep at home. With the right fencing accessory, you can transform your backyard into the haven your pets deserve.