Tips For Training Your Dog With An Electric Fence

Training Your Dog…for His Own Safety

For almost 40 years, the concept and design of electric fences for dogs have been researched and developed to the current high standard they hold. During this time, the amount installed in the homes of concerned pet owners has rapidly grown. There are numerous reasons why an owner may want to section off their yard or parts of their home, and all lead to benefits for both their pet and other’s safety.

Getting the most out of an Electric Dog Fence

After selecting from a broad range of electronic fence options, the ‘training period’ in which your dog is taught to understand his or her new barrier is key. If done correctly, this process can be quick and easy, and the full benefits of your new electric fence will be realized almost immediately.

For the first week, it is beneficial to introduce your dog to the boundary line. You may want to spend time in the yard with a lead fitted to your dog, playing within the safe zone and controlling the limited times your dog goes towards the electronic fence.

After a short while, your dog will start to learn about the new boundary line. It is very important to spend time with your pooch playing inside the area he or she is allowed to be in, to encourage them that a yard is still a fun place, just now only inside the electric fence.

If you feel like the numerous benefits of electric dog fences could be advantageous for you, why not contact us today?